Spotify to Launch Its Own Social Voice Network Powered by Locker Room App

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Spotify has decided to launch its alternative to the social network with voice chat, Clubhouse. The app for sports fans Locker Room was taken as a basis (Spotify bought this app together with the developer Betty Labs).

Spotify plans to completely redesign the Locker Room, turning it into “a great platform for creators and their fans.” Sports chat rooms have promised to remain, but the main focus will be on music and culture. According to Spotify, in the near future, artists and everyone will be able to conduct “any voice broadcast” through the Locker Room, including workshops and debates.

If desired, the user can turn all streams into podcasts, for which a separate recording function will be created. They also promised to add monetization.

Note that for now, the Locker Room mobile application will continue to work in the old format on iOS . The application may be renamed in the future.

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