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This bot saves a record of rooms in the Clubhouse: no invite or iPhone needed

The hype surrounding the closed social network Clubhouse, which is still officially available only for iOS, prompted enthusiasts around the world not only to release third-party clients of the service for Android and computers, but also to implement a Telegram bot to record conversations inside Clubhouse rooms. The peculiarity of the ClubHouse Recorder bot is that it does not need the Clubhouse application, registration in the service, an invite or an iPhone – it just needs to drop a direct link to a specific room. After the broadcast stops, the bot will record the communication of people and send an audio file. The bot was created by Pavel Egorov – at least he reported it on VC.

ClubHouse Recorder is notable for the fact that it works invisibly – no outside listener appears in the room, so none of the participants will know that the conversation is being recorded. Also, at the time of this writing, the bot is completely free. After the room is closed, he sends the recording in AAC format. This happens after a while, depending on the length of the conversation.


ClubHouse Recorder will certainly be useful for people who do not have iOS or an invite, but who really want to listen, for example, to the conversation of any media personalities. In such and similar cases, the bot will come in handy, since bloggers, as a rule, cover the upcoming conversation in the Clubhouse in advance and publish a direct link to the planned room – ClubHouse Recorder is able to record scheduled conversations. The bot is also useful for those people who just want to record a conversation in the Clubhouse, but do not know how to do it.

As Pavel Egorov noted, he does not plan to monetize the bot: “This is an educational project, the maximum that shines for him is a button with donations :)”. The developer warns that, according to Clubhouse rules, audio recording of a room can only be made with the permission of all speakers. However, there is no verification in the bot whether they agreed to record or not.

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