Tidal stopped working on Astell & Kern players due to change of authentication system

Tidal stopped working on Astell Kern players due to change of authentication system

A recent change to Tidal’s input authentication has made it nearly impossible to access this streaming service on many Astell & Kern portable Hi-Res audio players .

These players run Android, although the owners may not be aware of this. The system is tailored for music playback – a special user interface has been created for this. At the same time, it is impossible to install third-party applications on this Android – it can only be software controlled by the Astell & Kern Open APP service.


The restrictions are justified: a high-definition portable player should only have programs compatible with it. But alas, iRiver Ltd., which owns the Astell & Kern sub-brand, announced that its built-in Tidal app no ​​longer supports the new authentication method.

To solve this problem, the company is going to release updates for the SP2000 , SP1000 , SP1000M, SE200, SE100 , SR25 and KANN ALPHA models. This will happen in May. These models will be followed by the KANN CUBE , SA700, SR15 , CT15 and CT10 players.

Owners of older Astell & Kern models are much less fortunate, as Tidal will stop supporting older versions of Android. These restrictions will apply to Astell & Kern AK380, AK320, AK300, AK70 MKII , AK70, AK240, AK120II and AK100II players. From now on, Tidal will not work on them.

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