Tinder targets fake profiles and adds an ID verification system

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The risks of love matching services like Tinder are higher than any other social network, since the number of users who lie about their identity is high and it can be really dangerous when establishing a contact in person. This is why Tinder will finally add an ID verification feature globally.

The ID verification function is not new to this service, as it has long been in use for the Japanese market where it is required by law to confirm your true identity . However, so far it could not be used in other countries and will finally reach the rest of the world over the next few months as a voluntary option.

Tinder targets fake profiles

Tinder until now only allowed to confirm identity through photographs

Identity verification will be free for all users and will function similar to the current feature of the application that is based on photo verification. According to a Tinder spokesperson, the company will also use identity verification to cross-reference data such as the sex offender registry in regions where that information is publicly accessible.

Currently the way in which Tinder has the possibility of finding users on its social network who are a danger to the rest of the community is by investigating credit card data when someone signs up for a “Premium” subscription. ”In the service .

It is worth remembering that in the terms of use of the App, Tinder requires that users ” have never been convicted or have not pleaded guilty to a serious crime, a sexual crime or any crime involving violence , and that it is not necessary that register as a sex offender with any state, federal or local sex offender registry. ”

Currently the photo verification includes a blue check mark similar to the verification of Twitter profiles , while the future ID option will generate a different badge in the profile so that the rest of the interested parties can be quickly sure that that person is who they say they are. .

You, do you use Tinder? Have you had bad experiences with users who falsify their identity?