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Universal MS Office is out for iPad: Word, Excel and PowerPoint in one application

MS Office

MS Office was not only integrated into iPadOS, but also diversified with new tools for working with PDF and other file formats.

Microsoft presented MS Office optimized for iPadOS. This means that Apple tablet users finally have access to Word, Excel and PowerPoint in one rich application.

As a reminder, MS Office has been running on Android and iOS for a long time. But this time, Microsoft has not only optimized the application for the operating system, but also added new tools to it. Now it will be easier for users to create and sign PDF files, convert images to document. When you open an Office application, the system will prompt you to convert screenshots that were recently taken on your device to different formats. In addition, you can insert the date, shapes, images and notes into the PDF file.

One of the main advantages of Office is its light weight. If you often work with word processing, presentations and spreadsheets, it is much easier to download one application instead of several programs. This saves not only the memory of the device, but also the user’s personal time, who can easily switch between editors in one application.

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