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Why Apple products are always cheaper in the US and China and It’s not about the hidden tax

After the next Apple presentation, journalists often compare the prices of new products in different countries, focusing on the minimum cost in the US and China against the overpriced in other countries. The CNBC edition found out from analysts from IDC why this is happening.

During the presentation of the iPhone 14 series and the new Apple Watch, the manufacturer emphasized that the prices of new products have not increased – their prices are the same as those of their predecessors. This turned out to be true only for the US and China. For example, in the UK, the base iPhone 14 costs £849 (while the iPhone 13 started at £779), while the Apple Watch Series 8 is priced at £419 (up from £369). In Ireland, the iPhone 14 has risen in price from 909 euros to 1,019 euros, in France and Italy the situation is similar.

The new iPhone 14 was unveiled a few days ago!

The new iPhone 14 was unveiled a few days ago!

According to analysts, the reason for higher prices outside the US may be related to the dollar against local currencies. For example, the same exchange rate of the pound sterling against the dollar is now the lowest in recent decades.

However, history shows that if local currencies were more valuable than the dollar, Apple did not cut prices for foreign markets. For example, in August 2021, 1 pound was worth 1.4 dollars – the price of an iPhone was 799 pounds versus 799 dollars in the US.

The situation with China, according to experts, is unique: the company considers it an important market for itself and does not want to harm the growth of its popularity by raising prices.

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