Winamp returns as a streaming service

Winamp returns as a streaming service
Winamp returns as a streaming service

Winamp has come back twice in the last few years. The first one was in 2018. They promised a new player, applications for Android and iOS and the possibility of cloud listening to music. The second time was in 2021 . Then they started accepting applications for beta testing, I signed up, but so far nothing has happened. Although there is already an online player interface.

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Since then, the rights to Winamp have been bought by another company, the Llama Group. True, its founder is still the same Alexander Sabunjyan. It featured in two previous attempts to revive the player.

And now another promise: a streaming service! And 85% of all sales will go to musicians!

The difference this time is that specific dates have been named: registration for artists will be available on March 15, and for users on April 15.

The press release is filled with socialist speeches: streaming revenues are low, and in general it has left many artists behind. However, this may not work. Users will have the choice of which subscription to subscribe to, including direct support for artists. They will differ in price and access to exclusive content.

Apparently, we are talking about a subscription to specific authors:

So paying $10 a month to listen to everything is OK, but paying $2 a month to each artist? Sounds like not a good deal for the listener.

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