Xiaomi Cyberdog: Welcome to robotic pets


If there has been a gadget that has caught the attention of journalists and onlookers at the Mobile World Congress 2022 in Barcelona that ends today, it is the  Cyberdog , a robotic pet that, for now, is not available for mass consumption, but that is already He has fallen in love with more than one.

Xiaomi CyberDog Features

It is a  small dog-shaped robot built mainly of  metal and plastic . He takes orders, shakes his paw, walks, sleeps and can even ask for food, among many other actions. From the mobile we can see all the available functions and, if we wish, disconnect it, in addition to “removing” its autonomous function and controlling it ourselves with a joystick. Advantages of robotic pets.

It has  six cameras and eleven sensors , thanks to which the dog can act autonomously, identify people, avoid obstacles or even differentiate colors. Also, thanks to the use of  artificial intelligence , he can keep learning to improve his chances. As if all this were not enough, on his back he has different  connectors  to be able to add more cameras, peripherals and sensors of all kinds and thus increase his possibilities.

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The movement motors that it incorporates are also very important: it can run 11.5 kilometers per hour, carry 3 kilos of weight and rotate at 220 revolutions per minute. Its battery has  5,000 mAh and here comes its main problem. And it is that if you expected to have the dog behind you at home all day, there is still enough for this. It has an autonomy of  1 hour and the charging time is approximately  3.5 hours .

Availability and price

For now, Xiaomi’s Cyberdog is exclusive to Chinese developers, but it is hoped that at some point it can be used to help dependent people, such as the disabled or the elderly. Its price is  1,300 euros .

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