Xiaomi sues US government for blacklisting

Xiaomi sues US government for blacklisting

The Chinese company Xiaomi has announced a lawsuit against the Pentagon and the US Treasury. The trial will take place in the District of Columbia Court.

According to Xiaomi officials, the lawsuit was filed on January 29, 2021 in response to the inclusion of a Chinese company by the US Department of Defense and the US Treasury on the so-called “black list”. The company believes that the decision of the US government to classify Xiaomi as a “communist Chinese military company” is wrong and interferes with the company’s legal activities in the United States.

Simply put, Xiaomi has denied allegations of links with the Chinese government and the military and is ready to defend the interests of its users, employees and investors around the world in court. The lawyers of the Chinese manufacturer insist on the illegality of the decision of the American authorities and demand that it be canceled. In the meantime, Xiaomi recommends its investors and potential shareholders to exercise caution when conducting transactions related to the company’s shares.

Recall that on January 14, the US Department of Defense, guided by a 1999 law, included Xiaomi in the list of enterprises suspected of collaborating with the Chinese military and, as a consequence, posing a threat to US national security. Getting on the “black list” means that Xiaomi is prohibited from cooperating with American investors who must get rid of the securities of the Chinese company by November 11, 2021. But unlike Huawei, Xiaomi can still work with US partners like Google and Qualcomm.

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