YouTube will stop working on third generation Apple TV in March

Apple TV

Since the beginning of March 2021 YouTube streaming video will no longer look to the Apple TV set-top boxes of the third generation. This model appeared in 2012 and does not have a built-in App Store, receiving support directly from Apple services. The time has come for, if not physical, then for the moral withering away of obsolete devices.

The disappearance of the HBO Now application from the list of available on this console became the “first sign” of the future final unsuitability of the third generation Apple TV. But at first this service was exclusive to Apple consoles.

The logical way out for Apple TV owners is to switch to more current models. The fourth generation Apple TV HD and the fifth generation Apple TV 4K continue to function correctly.

However, as sometimes happens, there is still a way for third-generation Apple TV owners to leave the set-top box in their home setup. This is possible provided that you have an iOS device in reserve, that is, an iPhone or iPad: from it, YouTube videos can be sent to an older Apple TV using AirPlay. How convenient this way out of the situation is is another question.

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