ZTE YouCare: 5G health monitoring in apparel

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As is usually the case every season, the celebration of the Mobile World Congress 2021 week that takes place in Barcelona not only focuses on new phones but also on several companies showing the progress of their innovative developments. Now, one of them comes from the hand of ZTE and is called ZTE YouCare .

ZTE YouCare is the new remote health monitoring service, based on a new wearable technology that is part of textile materials, as well as being washable and easy to use. Its operation is based on detecting different bio-vital parameters of the user and transmitting them in real time to the mobile through 5G connectivity.

ZTE YouCare Features

ZTE YouCare was present at MWC 2021

Basically the project is in its early stages of development and it has already been confirmed that starting next fall, ZTE will start the YouCare 5G trial at the Innovation and Research Center located in the city of L’Aquila, Italy.

Thanks to the use of revolutionary textile devices, such as a simple T-shirt, which does not include metallic components and integrates different sensors naturally embedded in the fabric. Thanks to this, it will be able to measure much more efficiently the changes that occur in the body of people throughout the day and that until now had not been possible with external gadgets.

YouCare has the ability to measure elements of health such as a real electrocardiogram, an analysis of the breathing act, the components of sweat, muscle effort and body temperature . All this data can then be sent via ZTE’s ultra-fast 5G connection, to health and control centers, as well as to the devices of the same users analyzed.

The process of the data collected goes from smart clothing to a miniaturized control unit that records the data, converts it into a digital format and finally makes use of a 5G mobile network to automatically transfer it to a bidirectional platform that transmits it to an App of the brand that the user has installed on their phone or smart watch / bracelet.

At the moment there is no data on when ZTE could turn this technology into a commercial product , but it is certainly a project worth following closely in the coming months.

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