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2021: Another year for OLED TV

2021: Another year for OLED TV
2021: Another year for OLED TV

The global  OLED  TV market grew 80% to 6.5 million units last year, according to market research firm  Omdia . It is headed, of course, by  LG .

In general, the year was not the best for the TV market, as total sales fell to 213 million units. In terms of sales revenue  , Samsung remains the number one player , followed by  LG ,  Sony ,  TCL  and  Hisense .

In the premium  OLED  TV segment, LG  holds the lead  with 62% market share and sales of 4.04 million units. This is double the figure for 2020. The most successful for the company was the 4th quarter of last year, when it managed to sell 1.41 million OLED TVs.

Omdia  specialists  predict that this positive trend will continue in 2022. With production growth at  LG ‘s factories and Samsung  ‘s entry into the market  with  QD-OLED technology, sales in the OLED   segment are expected to  reach 8 million units.

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