2022 Samsung Neo QLED TV lineup

2022 Samsung Neo QLED TV lineup
2022 Samsung Neo QLED TV lineup

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Neo QLED TVs will once again be the center of attention in the 2022 Samsung TV lineup. This lineup will include 4K TVs: QN95B, QN90B, QN95B, QN85B and 8K TVs: QN900B, QN800B, QN700B. The models will be updated with innovations like Dolby Atmos support, 144Hz refresh rate and many more that we will cover in this article.

2022 Samsung Neo QLED TVs

Most recently, we have listed the new Neo QLED technologies . The 8K models will be named QN900B, QN800B and QN700B. There is no exact list of display diagonals yet. However, we can assume that 4K models will be available in sizes from 43 to 85 inches, while 8K devices will range from 65 to 85 inches.

Design – Infinity One Design

Let’s start with the first impression of the Neo QLED TVs . In 2021, the top model QN900A was presented in the Infinity One design. The display had an almost invisible bezel and was super slim. The speakers, providing room-filling sound, have also been framed in a stylish aluminum frame. Infinity One Design will be expanded in 2022.

It will be received by such series as: QN900B (8K), QN800B (8K), QN700B (8K) and even a 75-inch version of QN95B (4K). From now on, the TV is only 16.7 mm thick. Because of this, it should look very chic, especially when mounted on a wall. It is also worth adding that the One Connect Box from the series in question has become even thinner. According to Samsung, its design has been redesigned. The junction box volume has been reduced by 23%.

4K @ 144Hz for 4K NEO QLED TVs

It looks like this is the first time 4K NEO QLED TVs are getting an “exclusive feature” that was missing even in 8K devices. The models are capable of reproducing 4K video signals at 144Hz, which is sure to create a buzz in the gaming environment. 144Hz is currently only supported by 4K gaming monitors when paired with a PC system with an appropriate graphics card that has an HDMI 2.1 port.

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are rated for a maximum frequency of 120Hz. 4K @ 144Hz with 10-bit and full 4: 4: 4 color may not work if the video mode exceeds the estimated 48 108 Gbps bandwidth. However, a reduced color depth (4: 2: 2 or 4: 2: 0) or the use of DSC (Display Stream Compression) should “remove” this obstacle.

New Neo Quantum processor

Samsung has equipped its 2022 NEO QLED TVs with a new Neo Quantum processor. Samsung’s pre-announcement of the NEO Quantum processor certainly sounds good, albeit somewhat skeptical. After all, the improved performance should be easily visible and audible. However, in any case, some of the “early problems” of the 2021 models have been fixed.

The sensor technology has been increased from 12-bit to 14-bit, which quadruples the number of brightness levels from 4096 to a whopping 16384! Even more interesting, however, is the announcement of improved contrast display technology for mini LED backlights.

The artificial intelligence technology (Shape Adaptive Light Technology) recognizes lines, shapes and surfaces and thus adjusts the brightness of ten thousand mini-LEDs in real time. Perhaps, with the help of this algorithm, the disadvantage of a little overexposure in dark images with a large number of light points (for example, a starry sky) will be reduced or even completely eliminated.

To enhance the depth effect of images, Samsung is adding a “Real Depth Enhancer” feature to its new NEO QLED TVs. The “Multi-Intelligent Picture Algorithm” recognizes important objects in the video stream and optimizes them so that they attract the viewer’s attention more than the background.

Full Dolby Atmos support

Samsung’s 2022 NEO QLED TVs are the first models to offer full Dolby Atmos support . By this we mean that TVs not only accept Dolby Atmos signals from streaming providers, but they can also process them directly on the TV using a decoder.

Accordingly, Samsung has equipped all Neo QLED TVs with high-rise speakers to deliver a room-filling surround sound experience right from the factory. The flagship models of the QN900B series take it to the extreme with a 6.2.4 audio system totaling 90W!

Dolby Atmos wireless transmission

When paired with Samsung’s new soundbar, the TV and soundbar now pair even better with Q-Symphony. Audio display sync has been improved again. Now it provides the viewer with even better sound quality.

The highlight, however, is the wireless transmission of Dolby Atmos audio signals. Smart TVs can stream 3D audio to soundbars without an HDMI ( eARC ) cable , eliminating the need for an additional cable connection.

Samsung Smart Calibration in QLED TV 2022

Another innovation is Samsung’s Smart Calibration. This calibration is not only reserved for QN900B, QN800B, QN700B, QN95B, QN90B and QN85B NEO QLED 2022 series, but is also available for regular QLED TVs Q60B series and above (Q70B, Q80B).

On a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, test images are displayed on the TV via the calibration app in the menu or via the free smartphone app. The smartphone’s camera is recording images. It then compares and adjusts the grayscale and color settings for the best image result.

There should be two modes available: Quick Calibration, which takes about 30 seconds, and Professional Calibration, which takes 10 minutes. The latter option should give a result similar to professional calibration.

Advanced Smart Hub Features

Samsung smart TVs will also be updated with new content and options in 2021. Samsung Gaming Hub enables gamers to find and immerse themselves in their favorite games faster with game streaming services.

Samsung’s partnerships with industry leaders NVIDIA GeForce Now, Stadia and Utomik give gamers access to a vast library of games. The NFT platform also appeared. This app is an intuitive, built-in platform for finding, buying and selling digital art.

Results of NEO QLED 2022 model year

Many are wondering whether it is worth paying attention to the 2022 NEO QLED models or waiting for the QD-OLED? We would recommend the former because these devices are more affordable and will definitely be on sale. The innovations and improvements definitely make you want to hear the first customer reviews. A short summary of Samsung TV 2022 NEO QLED is posted below:

  • 8K series: QN900B, QN800B, QN700B.
  • 4K series: QN95B, QN90B, QN85B.
  • Sizes in inches: 43 to 85 inches.
  • Infinity design extended for QN900B, QN800B, QN700B and 75QN95B series.
  • Display depth 16.7 mm.
  • One Connect Box is 23% smaller.
  • New Neo Quantum processor.
  • Adaptive lighting technology.
  • Real Depth Enhancer (enhances the depth effect).
  • 4K @ 144Hz mode for 4K NEO QLED.
  • HDR10 + games.
  • Dolby Atmos decoder.
  • Samsung Smart Calibration.