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Accessories make life more comfortable for Samsung TV owners

Accessories make life more comfortable for Samsung TV owners
Accessories make life more comfortable for Samsung TV owners

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference in our lives. This can be fully said about accessories for the TV, according to  Samsung . Mount it on a floor stand for portability, or turn it into an element of your décor and your viewing experience can change dramatically. In its latest press release, the Korean manufacturer seeks to draw the attention of buyers to such seemingly trifles.

TV in portrait orientation? Easily

Have you ever wanted to turn your TV 90 degrees like a smartphone? Now this can be done with just a push of a button on the remote, if you have such a unique accessory as a stand with an auto-rotation mechanism. With the vertical orientation supported by the new  Neo QLED and The Frame TVs , the amount of content to watch on the big screen is dramatically increasing thanks to dedicated video apps and social media.

By the way, this rack also has a wall-mounted counterpart.

Bracket with rotation on all planes



The days when a wall mount fixed the TV to the wall in one position are long gone. After all, today you have access to such an accessory as  Full Motion Slim Wall Mount . With it, you can rotate the screen up, down, right and left to choose the most comfortable viewing angle. At the same time, the bracket is so compact that when folded, it provides a snug fit of the TV to the wall for a beautiful and aesthetic look.

Getting rid of a bunch of wires

To skillfully hide a bunch of wires stretching to the TV, you will need serious building skills or even the help of professionals, plus time and a certain budget of expenses. However, owners of  Neo QLED TVs are  spared this problem thanks to such a successful solution as  Slim One Connect Box . This is a compact external module for all wired connections, even electrical. He himself is connected to the TV only by a single and inconspicuous cable of a neutral color. With this module, you can easily hide unsightly wires, while maintaining the perfect beauty of your thoughtful interior.

Cheer up with frames

One of the main features of the unique  The Frame TV  is the ability to change the frame. Choose different styles and colors depending on your mood or interior. In addition,  The Frame comes with a compact wall bracket that creates a beautiful look by fitting the TV snugly to the wall. And for floor installation, you can purchase a stylish stand that resembles an easel.

Entertainment on the go

Another one  of Samsung  ‘s unique creations, The Sero Reversible TV   gets extra functionality with  The Sero Wheels accessory . This is an ideal solution for those who literally can not sit in one place. Easily move the TV around your home using the wheels to catch up on your favorite program or entertain yourself while doing boring housework.


The  Freestyle  is a projector, a Bluetooth speaker, and a lamp. And this device has a stylish design that can be embellished with accessories in the form of beautiful colored cases. And if you’re going on a trip or to an outdoor party, don’t forget to bring your projector with you in a compact and convenient case.

Reimagine your interior with The Serif

The  Serif case , which looks like the letter  I in profile  , is not only about style, but also about practicality. Its bottom edge allows you to install the TV directly on a flat surface, and the top one can serve as a shelf for souvenirs or decor items.

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