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Auracast allows you to watch TV together with wireless headphones

Auracast allows you to watch TV together with wireless headphones
Auracast allows you to watch TV together with wireless headphones

Surely you have ever needed to watch something on TV but you couldn’t make any noise, either because there were more people, because it was too late, etc. Headphone jacks have arrived, but being too close to the TV is neither good nor comfortable. Later, with bluetooth, you could connect wireless ones; quite a step forward, really. But, the needs continue to increase (we always want more) and we also want to watch TV with the family or with a partner without making noise. Why? Anyone knows, but bluetooth, with Auracast, now allows it.

What is Aucast?

Bluetooth LE Audio is the compendium of next-generation functionalities that intends to be established soon and that finally offers the way for more multiple users to listen to TV with headphones or earphones at the same time.

Announced more than two years ago, it has not been until now that the final specifications have been known. This was from the mouth of the CEO of the association Mark Powell.

The operation seems to be simple

In addition to improving sound and energy efficiency, Auracast has been introduced. What it actually does is transfer the audio to multiple devices at the same time. To date there was only one and the manufacturer, if they wanted it, was looking for a way to add an option for a second helmet, but that is no longer necessary. This function is technically known as Multi-Stream although it will be more common to see it as we have already presented it.

And although we are presenting it here as a solution to watch TV with headphones and company, the truth is that it also serves to send the signals to many speakers (which are compatible, obviously), being able to set up an audio system that has no end .

It is achieved by creating a general signal by the sending equipment, as is the case with WiFi, and the different devices connect to it. And for those who are already used to it, there will also be a QR code that links the audio quickly.

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