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AV1 video compression standard will become mandatory for Android TV


The AV1 codec, developed by the Alliance for Open Media with contributions from Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Mozilla and Netflix, is increasingly claiming to be a universal standard. Its development began several years ago – and we were satisfied with the result. You don’t have to pay for using AV1 – at the same time, according to various sources, it is 20–40% more efficient than the currently widespread HEVC.

However, Amazon, Apple TV +, Disney +, Netflix and other major platforms are still using HEVC (H.265). Switching to a new codec is still a costly affair. Now the process will be accelerated thanks to Google. The company has required AV1 to support all Android TV boxes released since April 2021.

AV1 is really advancing on all fronts. This video compression option will recognize 2021 Sony TVs with Google TV, although the company is not a member of the Alliance for Open Media. AV1 support is also provided for the 2021 Philips TVs based on Android. As for the LG and Samsung models, they began to implement AV1 on them back in 2020, as Samsung announced a year earlier.

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