Beovision Harmony: Bang & Olufsen launches new luxury TV series

Beovision Harmony
Beovision Harmony

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Luxury brand Bang & Olufsen is expanding its Beovision Harmony  product line  with a new 83-inch ( 211 cm) huge OLED   TV  . It is designed to provide high-quality 4K images with deep contrast, a wide color gamut and perfect blacks. The TV supports a range of modern technologies, including  Dolby Vision IQ ,  HDMI 2.1 ,  Chromecast ,  AirPlay 2 ,  Bluetooth ,  Wi-Fi  , etc. The well-established webOS is used as a smart platform  .

The luxurious screen of the TV is complemented by an equally luxurious audio system, made in the form of two stylish panels, finished with expensive wood, fabric and aluminum. When the TV is off, they cover the screen and can be used to listen to music. When you turn on the TV, they automatically “move out” to the lower position.

It consists of a center tweeter, two full-range speakers, one mid-range speaker and two subwoofers with a total power of 200 watts . To fine-tune the sound, the manufacturer offers to use a special mobile application with an equalizer and nine preset modes.

The manufacturer’s listing price for the  Beovision Harmony OLED 83 is $24,625.

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