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C Seed N1 foldable TV unveiled at a price of $300,000

C Seed N1
C Seed N1

There was no shortage of large TVs at CES 2024, but even from major manufacturers they were broadly similar to each other.

The company C Seed managed to surprise the public by demonstrating a folding 165-inch TV N1 for $300,000.

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When not in use, the TV folds into an abstract aluminum structure—a “timeless” artistic object. The C Seed N1 offers very respectable technical specifications: a MicroLED panel with 4K resolution, high contrast, 16-bit color and a peak brightness of 1000 cd/m². The TV is offered in three sizes: with diagonals of 103, 137 and 165 inches.

At the touch of a button, the screen folds out into smaller panels and disappears into a neat aluminum structure that has the appearance of a piece of modern art – a process that takes about two and a half minutes.

The TV is offered in silver and gold colors, which allows it to fit better into the interior, especially when folded. Each C Seed N1 is made to order and takes approximately six months from the time the order is placed until the TV is delivered. For ten years, the manufacturer sold only 200 of its televisions, that is, the company does not produce mass products.

The most inexpensive 103-inch panel is offered for $100,000, there is a 137-inch for $200,000 and a 165-inch for $300,000. C Seed also offers a 144-inch model for outdoor installation, which costs $240,000.

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