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Cheap Amazon TVs you didn’t know existed

Cheap Amazon TVs you didn't know existed

Not only TCL, Hisense or TD Systems allow you to change the TV without hurting your pocket. When we look for economic solutions, they are the firms we turn to, but, increasingly, the big companies enter all kinds of sectors and offer really competitive products. This is what we are going to see today with cheap Amazon TVs.

What are cheap Amazon TVs like?

The previous week saw the presentation of new Amazon products, including televisions that have their own operating system.

These are called Fire TV Omni QLED. As you can imagine, the included models have their own operating system, Fire TV and QLED technology for the panel.

But, apart from this, of course, they come with many more specifications. Full HDR support including HDR 10+ Adaptive, HDR 10+ Gaming and Dolby Vision IQ, VA matrix LCD panels, direct LED, 4K resolution, 96-area dimming system or 60 Hz frequency.

Amazon’s new TV with its ambient mode activated

Beyond the features related to the image, we also find two diagonals, 65 and 75 inches, WiFi, Bluetooth, four HDMI 2.0 inputs, a USB 2.0 port, RJ45, headphone jack, 24 W of sound power that are divided into two speakers, Alexa integration with widgets adapted to use on TV, ambient mode (presents images when it is not in use so that we perceive the television as if it were a painting)…

At the moment, the prices that are known are those of the United States and Canada. where they will cost 800 and 1100 dollars for the 65 and 75 inches respectively. Although they are not small figures, we must consider that they are large-inch televisions and that we have the guarantee of one of the largest companies in the world.

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