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Dolby Atmos FlexConnect will improve sound quality on TVs

Is it possible to enjoy more complete and immersive Dolby Atmos sound than what you can currently get from the best sound system installed inside your TV?

Dolby Atmos

Is it possible to enjoy more complete and immersive Dolby Atmos sound than what you can currently get from the best sound system installed inside your TV? New Dolby Atmos TV technology allows you to add wireless speakers to your TV for an even more immersive experience.

Dolby Atmos FlexConnect will improve sound quality on TVs

Dolby Atmos FlexConnect is…

Recent data from the world of television shows that producers are no longer only interested in picture quality and design. It looks like audio quality is finally starting to come back on the agenda for television too. Many manufacturers are trying to build better and more powerful speakers into their thin TV designs.

In addition, built-in playback of soundtracks in Dolby Atmos format has begun to appear in many mid-range and premium TVs, as well as many budget ones . This is because more and more movies and TV shows are being broadcast both on physical media and on streaming services.

Dolby recently announced that these audio changes will soon be joined by a new expansion to the Dolby Atmos ecosystem, which could potentially take TV audio to a whole new level.

The idea behind Dolby’s new audio technology, called Dolby Atmos FlexConnect, is to make TVs that support it compatible with additional wireless speakers. FlexConnect doesn’t just let you add additional wireless speakers.

This technology also features an intelligent auto-calibration system that can optimize the sound of your newly expanded speaker system according to your room layout and speaker setup. Thus, the system does not require a perfectly symmetrical room setup or any manual adjustment of speaker levels and balance to operate.

Although Dolby occasionally experiments with its own brand of hardware, it typically operates as an audio and video software firm. Most often, Dolby licenses its products to third-party equipment manufacturers.

Dolby Atmos FlexConnect on TCL TVs
The company is also going to apply this approach to Dolby Atmos FlexConnect. And that doesn’t mean AV fans will have to wait too long to get their hands on this technology. Dolby’s Atmos FlexConnect announcement is actually a joint announcement made with TV giant TCL.

That is, TCL will be the first brand to introduce FlexConnect in its 2024 TV lineup. In fact, TCL is also set to release a line of optional FlexConnect speakers for compatible TVs.

FlexConnect can work with one or more wireless speakers that can be placed virtually anywhere in your room. There’s no need for any connection cables or other equipment other than your FlexConnect-enabled TV and the wireless speakers themselves.

Dolby Atmos FlexConnect wireless speakers don’t have to be big. Therefore, it is possible to upgrade the TV sound system, even if you do not have a large living room. FlexConnect Dolby Atmos automatic optimization optimizes sound no matter how many additional speakers are added and no matter where they are placed.

In addition, the automatic optimization system also does not require any additional external microphone systems. All the necessary microphones are already built into the FlexConnect-enabled TV. The technology, which will natively run on the MediaTek Pentonic Smart TV series chipset, is also easily adaptable to add additional device types.

Here is a happy couple enjoying Dolby Atmos at its best

Here is a happy couple enjoying Dolby Atmos at its best

So, if finances allow, you can continue to gradually expand the speaker system by purchasing FlexConnect speakers. This should also encourage TCL and other potential supporting manufacturers to offer all possible combinations and form factors of FlexConnect-enabled devices.

“We are very proud to take a significant step forward in the future of immersive audio with our latest partnership with Dolby,” says Frédéric Langen, Chief Commercial Officer of TCL Europe. “Providing a great experience for our customers is at the forefront of what we do.

With Dolby Atmos FlexConnect, users can experience incredibly immersive audio no matter how they position their audio devices.” A demonstration of FlexConnect Dolby Atmos technology has already taken place at the IFA technology fair in Berlin from September 1 to 5. The launch of this technology in the TCL TV line will take place in 2024.

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