Everything we know about Android TV 14

Everything we know about Android TV 14
Everything we know about Android TV 14

If you follow our television analysis, you will know that Android is present in many brands as an operating system. And, as such, it is updated over time. The next to arrive will be Android TV 14 and we want you to know everything about it, either to make your next purchase or to be aware when updating your Android TV.

Android TV 14 features

The first thing you should know is that there will be no Android 13 for televisions. Although work has been done on it, Google has decided to go to 14, we don’t really know why. Still, the important thing is what comes next.

On these lines you have the thread on Twitter that the journalist Rahman has developed in this regard.

  • It will save more energy . Different modes are included for this (four) that deactivate more or less software and functions.
  • New accessibility options are incorporated . Correct color or bold are a couple of examples.
  • The accessibility menu is in Settings .
  • Shortcuts can be customized from the remote control . So button mapping software is no longer necessary.
  • If you want to try the Android 14 beta for TV, you need to mount a virtual device in Android Emulator as has been done on so many occasions.
  • You will receive call notifications from apps that can support it. You must, yes, configure one by one for this to happen.
  • The system will be more intuitive at a general level.
  • Many elements change their appearance to make the experience easy and contained.
  • Functions with shortcuts or more accessible . The example is given by the connection of the headphones by bluetooth, which will be found in the control center and not in the system settings.
  • A new mode will force the conversion of the content to one of the HDR standards supported by the TV.

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