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Growth in sales of MiniLED TVs will stall by 2025

Research firm Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) predicts that MiniLED backlighting , which has given a new lease of life to LCD displays, will gradually fall out of favor. The turning point could be Apple’s full transition in 2025 to OLED displays in tablets and laptops.

MiniLED backlight is used in TVs, monitors, laptops and tablets and allows you to increase the contrast of the picture by using a significantly larger number of backlight control zones. Manufacturers are positioning miniLED TVs as an alternative to OLED TVs.


Research firm DSCC predicts that TV manufacturers will continue to use miniLED backlighting in premium LCD TVs until 2027, but that the miniLED display market will peak in 2025 and then stabilize at around 30 million units per year.

ImageMeanwhile, the share of OLED displays in TVs, smartphones, laptops, tablets and other electronics is expected to continue to grow, prompting manufacturers to invest more money in improving the technology.


ImageAt CES 2023 in early January this year, LG Display and Samsung Display announced new WOLED and QD-OLED panels that will make OLED TVs more competitive in terms of brightness compared to miniLED displays, one of the last remaining advantages of miniLED.

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