Check out our guide before buying a new 2022 TV!

Check out our guide before buying a new 2022 TV!
Check out our guide before buying a new 2022 TV!

The TV today acts as a full-fledged multimedia center, with which you can play almost any type of file. Since there is a huge variety of models on the digital technology market, choosing the right option can be quite difficult. Therefore, before buying, it is worth studying several important nuances of choice. And it will be possible to buy a TV, for example, in the Dream online store, where equipment of various brands is presented, including TCL TV .


The diagonal of the TV is the distance from its left edge to the right. Moreover, the larger it is, the stronger the immersion effect. But you should not immediately take the largest possible TV, because the choice of diagonal depends both on the distance to the screen and on the quality of the content being played. For example, the distance for models with a diagonal of forty inches will be from one and a half to two and a half meters. For TVs with a screen size of sixty inches, this figure will be already two to four meters.

Samsung boasts UHD TVs in 2022
Samsung boasts UHD TVs in 2022


Today the most popular formats are:
● HD
● FullHD
● 8K

The first is found only in budget models and is practically ousted from the market. FullHD is considered the most common. However, it will soon be replaced by more progressive UHD, which is ideal for watching videos, movies and TV shows. 8K is a new standard that has not received much distribution yet.

Operating system

Usually, only budget TVs are sold without an operating system. Most modern models are equipped with one or another Smart-platform. There are three types:

1. WebOS – a system developed by LG, has a minimalistic and user-friendly interface.

2. Tizen is a platform from Samsung, which implements the same functions as the first one, and the main difference lies in the visual component.

3. Android TV is Google’s operating system, which is used in TVs from different manufacturers and boasts a huge number of programs, including games.

Each of these operating systems offers a minimal set of software, in particular, the presence of a media player, an application store, and a few more “chips”.