How to place a TV in the kitchen

How to place a TV in the kitchen

Watching TV while cooking is a good way to combine the pleasant with the useful. If you are bored in the kitchen, then it does not hurt to buy another TV for the house. And how to place it so that everyone is comfortable – read our article.

What TV is needed in the kitchen

Ukrainians rarely have really big kitchens. Our houses are built economically, so we are used to spacious living rooms, and cooking rooms, in our opinion, should be modest. In studio apartments, there is no separate kitchen at all – sometimes its role is played by a very small nook with a stove and sink.

If you have an ordinary kitchen, then most likely its area is about 6-12 meters. For such rooms, a 32-inch TV is suitable . This is an average value that will allow you to find a suitable place for the device, regardless of the occupancy of the room. It’s a big enough TV that you won’t have to strain your eyes to see what’s on the screen.

For very tiny kitchens, they buy small smart TVs with a diagonal of about 20 inches. These are lightweight and compact devices that can be carried from room to room.

Why is it important to choose the right TV location?

The room where food is prepared is not consistently clean. Of course, good hosts will always clean up after lunch or dinner, but anything can happen during culinary manipulations: splashes, drops, pieces of semi-finished products fly, various smells hover. Your TV should be located away from the working triangle, otherwise after a couple of months of operation in the kitchen you will not recognize it.

If you are watching during lunch, the screen should be clearly visible from your seat at the dinner table. And this factor also creates difficulties in choosing a suitable place for TV.

How to place the device

In kitchens, two ways of placing TVs are practiced:

  1. With wall mount. For mounting use brackets with a swivel mechanism. This is very convenient, because you can rotate the screen to where you need at a particular moment in time. We recommend using brackets with the ability to adjust the angle of inclination – this way you will be even more comfortable. Holders must be selected taking into account the weight of the device.
  2. Embedding in furniture or in a niche in the wall. This method of placement is good because it allows you to save free space in the room. The TV can be built into the door or placed on one of the open shelves in the kitchen. For reliable fixation, special fasteners are used. If you mount the device in one of the doors, try to choose the one that you open less often – otherwise there is a chance to quickly loosen the fasteners or damage the screen.


Some manufacturers of kitchen appliances offer customers home appliances with a built-in screen. For example, you can purchase a refrigerator that already has a small TV on the door. However, the cost of such a “set” can be unreasonably high: after all, a small display does not always satisfy the needs of the viewer. In addition, built-in TVs rarely have a significant set of additional features.

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