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LG announces Magnit: a modular 163-inch television

LG has announced the Magnit. This is a 163-inch television with a modular design. The LED screen is made with micro LEDs and can be used especially well by commercial companies to present something, for example.

If you already thought The Wall from Samsung was large with its 146 inches, then the LG Magnit is quite an eye-catcher, with its 163 inches. However, LG does not seem to be targeting the consumer market yet, while Samsung wants to release the first microled televisions for private use next year. These are also somewhat smaller: between 75 and 110 inches.

LG Magnit

Each part of the LG Magnit is 600,337 by 45 millimeters and consists of 640 × 360 pixels. Each part consists of eight modules of 160 × 180 pixels each (150 by 170 millimeters). Each module weighs only 150 grams and the pixel pitch (the distance between two pixels) is only 0.9 millimeters. That is incredibly impressive and much denser than, for example, the cinema screen that LG placed in a cinema earlier this year. It has a pixel pitch of 3.3 millimeters.

The refresh rate of the television is not very high: 60Hz. The brightness at its peak is 1200cd / m2, but normally this is more towards 600cd / m2. The television supports HDR10 and can show deeper black than most LED screens, LG indicates. This is partly because a layer has been applied so that the viewer has less problems with the reflection.


That Magnit is coming is in principle not news : the first reports about this surfaced in July. However, it is now clear that this television does not appear on all markets. Do you want to know more about microled? Then read our introduction to this relatively new screen technology, of which we will certainly hear more in the future.

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