LG Display going all in on OLED EX

LG Display - now only OLED EX
LG Display - now only OLED EX

LG Display has announced a full transition to deuterium-based OLED panels with EX technology , also known as OLED EX , which we have already talked about . More than twenty brands use OLED panels in their TVs. In addition to LG Electronics , these are such well-known manufacturers as Sony, Panasonic, Philips, Hisense and Vizio. Some of them have already announced TVs with OLED EX panels.

According to the developers of EX technology, the brightness of OLED EX panels is one third brighter than conventional OLED displays, which is essential when showing high dynamic range (HDR) video, as well as when the TV is operating in strong ambient light conditions.

ImageLG Display noted, “ LG ​​Display has integrated its EX technology into all OLED panels manufactured at its production facilities in Paju, South Korea and Guangzhou, China starting in the second quarter of 2022. ” Of course, this does not mean that today all TVs are equipped with such panels. For example, the TV may have been manufactured before LG Display switched to the new panels. In addition, there are stocks of old type panels. This is especially true for budget TV series.

ImageHowever, in the near future, all OLED TVs other than Samsung products will be equipped with EX technology panels. The Samsung S95 B and Sony A95 K models use Samsung Display ‘s QD- OLED panel , which is LG Display’s only OLED EX alternative to date.

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