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LG launches Smart Cam for 2022-2023 OLED and LCD TVs

LG launches camera for 2022-2023 OLED and LCD TVs
LG launches camera for 2022-2023 OLED and LCD TVs

LG Electronics has released its own camera with built – in microphones for video calls, video conferencing, home fitness and other tasks. The new LG Smart Cam (model VC 23 GA ) has 1080p resolution and is equipped with two microphones. The new product is only compatible with LG 2022 and 2023 OLED and LCD TVs running webOS 22 and webOS 23.

“ LG Electronics announces the global release of its new Smart Cam ,  commented LG. “New when paired with 2022-2023 LG TVs, it offers convenient video calls and conferences, enhanced home fitness options, and more to meet the diverse needs of customers as they enjoy the various services offered by LG Smart TVs . 


LG Electronics highlights that the camera is compatible with many of the apps already available on webOS, including the RemoteMeeting video conferencing app, a home fitness app that uses Exercite motion recognition, and the FlexIt fitness/wellness app. There is also a selfie app called Fun Mirror and a dance learning app with K-Pop music called 1M HomeDance.

LG Electronics added that the new camera comes with a physical lens cover to protect privacy. The new LG Smart Cam will be available worldwide starting July 2023 for $100 USD .

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