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LG lets you play Stadia for free

Get Google Stadia Free for three months when you buy a new LG TV
Get Google Stadia Free for three months when you buy a new LG TV

Last year at CES Google told us that it was going to bring its video game service to televisions and it has. If you take a look at the reviews of high-end LG TVs, you will see that practically all of them already include it. But it is that now, for a certain time, you will be able to play Stadia for free on TV if it is from LG.

Buying a new LG TV gives you three months of Google Stadia for free

Specifically, the new models, which include the webOS operating system in versions 5.0 and 6.0, have this functionality. And this is also the case of the latest LG television models that have been launched.

Once the support is in perfect condition on the television, as we have been able to verify during these past weeks, both companies have reached an agreement. This consists neither more nor less than giving free access to the service and, in addition, in its Premium version. With this, you will have access to more than fifty games in 4K resolution with HDR and running at up to 60 frames per second as well as with 5.1 sound.

Google Stadia

Google Stadia

This can be enjoyed for three months and, as usual, the monthly fee has a cost of 9.99 euros, so we would be saving 27.97 euros with this new temporary agreement between Google Stadia and LG Electronics.

The promo is already available on LG TVs that have, as we have said, webOS 5.0 or higher. And be careful because it is not an ephemeral offer, you can take advantage of it until January 31, 2023. This means that if you plan to change your TV in the coming months, this may be a point to bet on the brand that, Incidentally, the quality/price ratio has improved considerably.

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