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LG OLED A1: One of the most intriguing new TVs of 2021


Many would agree that the best TVs are OLEDs. We owe the development of this technology to LG, which, more than ever before, offers a wide range of blue screens this year. Among them, consumers are especially eagerly awaiting the LG OLED A1 series in the hope of acquiring a premium TV at a budget price.

The prices for LG OLED A1 on the American market were announced the day before. The most affordable modification with a diagonal of 122 cm (48 inches) will cost customers $ 1,300. This is not the lowest price for an OLED TV, since, for example, last year’s Vizio model with a larger diagonal of 140 cm (55 inches) in the same America now costs $ 1200. However, this is the lowest-ever starting price for LG in this segment, and further declines can be expected over the course of the year, which is often practiced by manufacturers in the TV market. Other modifications of the A1 cost $ 1,600 for a 140 cm (55 “) diagonal, $ 2,200 for a 165 cm (65”) diagonal and $ 3200 for a 195 cm (77 “) diagonal.

But for accessibility, you have to sacrifice something. According to the characteristics of the A1, of course, it is inferior to its older brothers, for example, the most popular C series. So, this model does not support the HDMI 2.1 standard and the accompanying VRR, ALLM and eARC functions and is not capable of receiving a 4K / 120Hz signal, which will not allow make full use of the capabilities of PlayStation 5. The number of HDMI 2.0 ports in A1 is three instead of the usual four.

The A1’s screen refresh rate is 60 Hz, not 120 Hz as in the brothers. However, the model still uses the motion smoothing function, which gives the image a soap opera effect. However, it can also be turned off.

img 606342dcc6603The LG OLED A1 processor is responsible for the image processing of the fourth generation Alpha 7, which is one step below the Alpha 9 used in the C1. The difference between them lies in contrast, clarity and noise reduction in local zones, as well as in the depth of sound processing. However, most viewers are unlikely to be able to catch it during normal viewing. The Alpha 7 processor also powers all the features of the latest version 6 webOS platform in this model.

As for brightness, in this respect A1 is not inferior to C1. Overall, it’s reasonable to expect the new series to offer the familiar, gorgeous OLED picture quality with perfect blacks, high contrast and accurate color reproduction.

img 606342dcf3993LG OLED A1 vs LG OLED B1

And finally, in terms of design, the LG OLED A1 will offer buyers the same sleek panel as its siblings, but with the standard stand found in less expensive LG LCD TVs. However, some may find this even more convenient solution for placing a soundbar, media player or set-top box under the TV.

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