LG OLED42C2 & OLED83G2: The new 2022 Lineup

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As planned , LG will expand its OLED TV lineup with 42-inch models. The first TV with such a diagonal will receive the future C2 series, which will become even more diverse than the current C1 . Corresponding information appeared in the certification database of the Korean Radio Research Agency (RRA).

This means that LG has sent OLED TVs for radio certification, effectively confirming their existence. It also mentions the new G2 series with OLED Evo panels, which will have an 83-inch model from next year. These models were also mentioned on the Korean LG Electronics website. Now it is gone, but the Internet remembers everything .

There are no technical details for these models yet, but, apparently, the set of functions and capabilities will remain at the same level – they are only planning to release hardware for their significant expansion.

It’s worth noting that LG’s 2022 OLED TV line-up will expand with the A2 and B2 series, replacing the A1 and B1. In addition, LG will unveil the new QNED90, Nano83, Nano75 and UQ9300 series of LCD TVs, which are also confirmed by the RRA database.