LG QNED80T Review: Vibrant 4K HDR TV

LG QNED80T review
LG QNED80T review

The 2024 TV lineup from LG introduces the QNED80T, boasting enhanced color and clarity compared to traditional LCD screens. These TVs do not feature Mini LED backlighting, instead relying on NanoCell and Quantum Dot technologies for improved color accuracy and vibrancy, along with enhanced contrast.

The LG QNED80T is well-suited for a variety of content, although it performs best in well-lit environments due to its limited contrast in darker settings. Gaming capabilities are somewhat restricted, given the TV’s 60 Hz native refresh rate. In our review of the LG 65QNED80T6A 4K HDR model, we will delve into its key consumer features.

LG QNED80T review


LG QNED80T review


The LG 65QNED80T6A TV features a straightforward and uncluttered design. While the frames are slightly thicker at 1.3 cm compared to other budget TVs, they do not draw attention. The design is not exceptional, but it does not appear cheap either. The TV is supported by two V-shaped legs that provide stability.

Elevating the screen by approximately 6.5 cm above the surface, the legs ensure that most soundbars will not obstruct the view. Additionally, there is an option for a narrower leg position to accommodate smaller TV furniture. The back of the TV is covered by a single large plastic panel.

The inputs are conveniently located on the left front of the TV within a niche. However, accessing them can be challenging if the TV is wall-mounted. LG has emphasized cable management in this model, offering multiple attachment points for the included clips. This makes it easy to maintain a tidy setup with the LG QNED80T6A TV.

The slim profile of the TV, measuring 3 cm, is attributed to the Edge Lit side lighting technology. Despite the use of affordable materials, the build quality is satisfactory. The TV is compatible with both the Magic Remote MR24 and the LG ThinQ app, providing a responsive interface without any lag when navigating apps or menus.


Image quality

The LG QNED80 2024 TV offers a contrast ratio of up to 1300:1, which may not be the strongest in its class. Due to the IPS matrix used, blacks may appear gray and dim scenes may lack shadow detail. While the Advanced Local Dimming feature aims to enhance contrast, it only operates in 6 zones and is recommended to be disabled.

Disabling Local Dimming eliminates visible zone transitions as all backlighting remains on. Enabling Local Dimming on High may lead to backlight blooming, although it can slightly enhance contrast. In HDR mode, the brightness with a 10% white window does not surpass 480 nits, which may not be ideal for high dynamic range content.

The QNED80T TV showcases QNED Color technology with nearly 95% coverage of the DCI P3 uv color space. While the color scheme is satisfactory, the low contrast may limit the display of dark, rich colors. With simple calibration adjustments, the TV is easy to fine-tune, resulting in nearly perfect post-calibration results.


The gray color uniformity of the panel is exceptional, ensuring a consistent visual experience. Even near-black scenes display excellently, without any noticeable flaws. While the black uniformity is satisfactory, there is some cloudiness on the screen and a few bright spots along the bottom edge. However, activating local dimming can significantly improve the black uniformity.

One of the standout features is the excellent viewing angle, allowing for a stable image even when viewing from a considerable distance off-center. The semi-gloss screen effectively manages reflections, ensuring a clear view. Additionally, there is no rainbow blur when a bright light is positioned in front of the TV, which is a positive aspect. On the downside, the TV’s handling of gradients in HDR is subpar. Nevertheless, the scaling and sharpening capabilities of the TV are generally commendable.

LG QNED80T – design

Motion and Game Processing

The 65QNED80T6A excels in motion performance, showcasing minimal motion blur on fast-moving objects thanks to its impressive response time. However, periodic stuttering may be noticeable as a trade-off. Moreover, this TV effectively eliminates judder in 24p content.

The LG QNED80T series is equipped with motion interpolation, ensuring smooth motion and reducing blur and shake during rapid camera movements. While its overall performance is satisfactory for most content, it may struggle with highly demanding combat scenes due to artifact issues.

At 1080p and 4K at 60Hz, the image output latency is around 14ms. To achieve such low numbers, activating the game mode is necessary. This mode is automatically enabled when a game console is connected (ALLM option). Among the available gaming features, only GeForce NOW, Game Dashboard, and Optimizer are included.

Smart TV

The QNED80T6A TV is equipped with the webOS 24 operating system powered by the α5 4K Gen7 intelligent processor, making it a smart device. The user-friendly interface allows for easy navigation and customization with user profiles. Through the Re:New Program, the OS will receive updates over the next five years, refreshing the interface four times. Home Settings offer options to remove banner ads and content recommendations from the home screen, providing a clean look. However, ads on the apps page cannot be removed. With a wide range of apps available, finding your favorite content is simple. Additionally, you can cast content from your phone or play videos from a USB drive. The TV also features hands-free voice control through built-in microphones, not just the remote.

LG QNED80T – switching


The TV features a 2.0 audio system with two low-firing speakers delivering 20 W of power. However, the sound quality is lacking in depth and scale, with a noticeable lack of detail and weak bass that can make action movies sound flat. The AI Sound Pro function attempts to create virtual 9.1.2 surround sound, but results may vary. On the bright side, the TV easily pairs with an LG soundbar for improved audio quality. The WOW interface allows for convenient control of the soundbar through the TV, including modes, profiles, and other functions.


At the top of the TV, there is a USB port available for connecting external drives. Following that, there are four HDMI 2.0b ports, with one of them featuring eARC functionality. Another USB port is located next to the HDMI ports. Moving towards the bottom, you will find the antenna sockets. All of these ports are positioned sideways for easy access. Additionally, at the bottom, there is an optical audio output and an Ethernet port for a wired connection to a local network. For wireless connectivity, the TV supports WiFi 5 and Bluetooth 5.1.

When it comes to LG, OLED technology is often the first thing that comes to mind, and rightfully so. However, the QNED80 series should not be overlooked, despite its side lighting. The QNED80T 2024 model offers decent performance, impressive viewing angles, and low output latency. In terms of smart features, it encompasses everything you would expect, and the price is undeniably affordable. This TV is particularly suitable for relatively bright rooms due to some contrast limitations.


The QNED80T 2024 offers satisfactory performance, exceptional viewing angles, and minimal output latency. It encompasses all the smart features one would anticipate, and its price is undeniably budget-friendly. This television is particularly suitable for well-lit spaces, considering its contrast limitations.