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LG recalls over 52,000 86-inch TVs due to unreliable stand

LG has recalled more than 52,000 86-inch 4K TVs sold due to manufacturing defects. One of the support legs of the device is not securely fastened, which creates a risk of falling 45-kg smart TV on users and causing them serious harm, up to death, if we talk about young children.

Image Source: LG

Image Source: LG

According to the CNET edition, the manufacturer received 22 complaints from the owners of its TVs, which reported the unreliability of the design of the complete legs-stands used by them. In 12 cases, this resulted in devices falling and being damaged. Fortunately, no one was hurt in these incidents, but the likelihood of this turned out to be enough reason for the manufacturer to decide to withdraw a very large batch of TVs from sale. It is noted that about 52 thousand TV models will be recalled, which were sold by American retail chains Walmart, Best Buy, Costco, as well as in the American online store LG. In addition, about 4,700 brand TVs sold in Canadian and Mexican electronics stores are being recalled.

The recall affected 86-inch smart TV models with model numbers 86UQ8000AUB, 86UQ7070ZUD, 86UQ7590PUD and 86NANO75UQA. Defective TVs have serial numbers beginning with codes 202RM, 203RM, 204RM, 205RM, 206RM, 207RM and 208RM. Owners of LG TVs can check the model and serial numbers of their TVs at the bottom right of the device, or display these numbers on the TV screen by quickly pressing the Mute button three times on the remote control that comes with the device.


The recall applies only to those TVs that use the complete stand legs for support. Wall-mounted devices are not subject to the recall.


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