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LG reveals price for new 97-inch OLED TV

LG reveals price for new 97-inch OLED TV
LG reveals price for new 97-inch OLED TV

Recall that  LG  recently unveiled prices for its  2022 OLED TV lineup in Europe, but the cost of the 97 -inch G2  model  was not announced.

Today it became known that the TV in question will be on sale in the second half of the year. It was clear that the premium 97 – inch OLED  TV would not be cheap due to its size, but it cost well over the expected €25,000 . Compare it, for example, with the price of the neighboring 83 -inch model  G2  – 9,000 Euros / $9.900 , and the disproportion becomes apparent.

As the reason for this pricing, experts cite the high cost of producing large panels at the so-called 8.5 generation plant in Guangzhou, capable of producing substrates with a maximum size of 2.2m x 2.5m. And this situation will continue until at least 2025, when a 10.5 generation plant is expected to open in Paju, Korea, capable of producing 2.94m x 3.37m substrates.

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