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LG UN71006LA: New Real 4K TV Series from 43 ” to 75 ”

LG UN71006LA

LG Electronics (LG) brings the ultimate viewing experience with the new series UHD TVs LG UN71006LA with Real 4K resolution and quad-core processor . Available from 43 to 75 inches, it was designed to meet the multiple needs of consumers.

techweekmag LG UN71006LA New Real 4K TV Series from 43 to 75

The colors in the new series are rendered more vividly and with great detail, while with the processor the low resolution images are upgraded and reproduced with a quality that approaches 4K resolution. At the same time, users can enjoy their favorite TV content as if they were in a movie theater, thanks to FILMMAKER MODE  with automatic motion smoothing and HDR10 Pro and HLG Pro standards , as well as multiple virtual audio channels for Ultra Surround sound .

The new UHD TVs also take viewers to a unique gaming experience, incorporating advanced features such as low entry delay . In addition, they feature the intelligent LG AI ThinQ system that ‘perceives’ simple voice commands with human voice recognition and allows users to control their home Internet of Things ecosystem. They can also watch a wide range of content on the Apple TV app , Netflix and Youtube and create surround sound effects by connecting 2 Bluetooth speakers to the LG UHD TV. Their unique design, with the thin frame and the elegant, modern lines make them even more special, giving a top aesthetic to the space.