LG unveiles Zero Connect Box that is similar to Samsung’s One Connect

LG Zero Connect Box
LG Zero Connect Box

LG has shown us a new OLED television, its OLED M. Of noteworthy points, without a doubt, there is plenty, but what has interested us the most is the LG Zero Connect Box , something that as soon as we describe it to you, you will realize that you it sounds a lot.

What is LG Zero Connect Box?

This is a little box that acts as a central box to direct from it, wirelessly and towards the TV, the emissions of the devices that connect to it by cable .

In other words, it is a device to which we physically connect the things that we want to connect to the TV. Then the box and the TV, which are connected, communicate with each other.

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LG’s new connector box

With this, a “wireless connectivity” of the television is achieved . That is, you are going to link the same devices that you would normally do (soundbar, USB, game consoles, etc.), but you will do it without the need for them to be connected directly to the TV, but rather to the connection box.

In this way, the appearance of the television is much more aesthetic, since only a power cable slides from it to the box . Thus, we do not see too many cables or the devices themselves.

In addition, it is ideal especially if you have the TV hung on the wall, since the connectors, which are placed behind, are not very accessible,

Another of its pros is that the devices do not have to be so close, you can place them hidden, for example, next to the box.

The transfer will remain in UHD and up to 120Hz , so in principle there should be no problem with anything you play, no matter the source.

The presentation of this device comes with the OLED M television, which stands out for its ultra-thin profile, because with such a panel it is almost mandatory to remove the connectors on its back to try to keep it almost invisible without protruding.

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