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LG UQ75: The junior representative of the 2022 LG 4K lineup

UQ75 is the junior representative of the 2022 LG 4K lineup
UQ75 is the junior representative of the 2022 LG 4K lineup

LG ‘s premium and expensive TVs  , such as those with  OLED screens , are undeniably impressive, but most buyers are looking for an affordable yet reliable high-definition 4K  smart TV in the market with some useful features. Let’s consider the example of the most budgetary * 4K  model of this year  UQ75 , available to Russian buyers, what the Korean manufacturer offers in this regard.

Global sales of  LG UQ75 have already started, and the TV has 4 most popular diagonal modifications – 43 , 50 , 55  and 65  inches.

Of course, the first thing the manufacturer promises to buyers is a “crystal clear”, “real” 4K image . And the  Alpha 5 processor based on artificial intelligence is called upon to contribute to this. One of its main tasks is to convert any content that is displayed on the TV screen to 4K  . Of  the HDR formats, the UQ75  supports  HDR10  and  HLG . Screen refresh rate – 60 Hz , backlight type – direct. According to reports, the 50 -inch modification is based on a  VA panel , others are based on an  IPS panel .

The TV is equipped with a basic 20W audio system consisting of two downward facing speakers. Her work uses  Clear Voice Pro technology to clearly convey the speech of characters and  AI Sound to give the sound a spatial effect.

Among other connections, the  UQ75  has two  HDMI 2.0 ports , one of which supports the  eARC  function for high-quality sound output to an external audio system. For wireless connections,  Wi-Fi 5 and  Bluetooth 5.0 modules are provided .

Left – basic L-Con, right – Magic Remote MR21GC

Voice control is possible either through the  ThinQ AI mobile application or through the  Magic Remote with a built-in microphone, which, if desired, will have to be purchased separately, since the  UQ75  comes with a simple basic remote.

For gamers, the TV has an  ALLM  function and a quick access panel to the  Game Optimizer game settings. The HDR format for video games is also supported –  HGiG .

The UQ75  uses the proven  webOS as its smart platform  . As part of it, the exclusive LG Channels application with many free channels is still available for Russian users  .

Left – LG UP75, right – LG UQ75

In terms of design, the TV is very similar to last year’s  UP75  model and has a rather bulky case by today’s standards with a depth of 8.63 cm (for a 55-inch version).

Dimensions LG UQ75 55 inch

The official  LG  website lists the following prices for the  UQ75 :

  • 43 inches (109 cm) – $555
  • 50 inches (127 cm) – $660
  • 55 inches (165 cm) – $730
  • 65 inches (190 cm) – $940

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