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Loewe Bild S77: The new top range TV in the 4K OLED competition

Loewe Bild S77

The new generation of Loewe televisions with OLED screens is here. In addition to the v65 and v55 models, the brand launches its top of the range, the Loewe Bild s77 . With an exclusive price of 12,000 euros , it mounts the latest in Loewe control electronics, an ultra-thin OLED screen with maximum performance, and an excellent soundbar with 120 watts of power.


The new Loewe series change the previous numerical nomenclature (Bild 5, 7 etc.) for letters. We already know the new “v” models in 65 or 55 inches , and here is the top “s” series with this outstanding s77. Ride the new SL5 electronic chassis, which uses an SX8 Quad Core processor. The screen is a very slim 77-inch OLED of the latest generation 4K. As is known, in OLED screens, each pixel emits its own light unlike LEDs that need a light source from behind. That allows these screens to be so extraordinarily thin, something spectacular in a model like this when large and with the Loewe design.

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But above all, it allows OLEDs to offer superior image quality, due to their perfect blacks (the pixel itself is turned off) and a large effective angle of view. The large size allows you to take better advantage of the UltraHD 4K resolution with native content (things from Netflix, Amazon Prime or a 4K BD reader). But Loewe electronics are capable of offering very sharp images from lower resolution content, whether HD or even not, like some television broadcasts. House scaling is an example of real-time processing.


In this new model there is no lack of HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision high dynamic range standards , nor Loewe Instant Channel Zapping, which allows ultra-fast channel change, ideal for the kings of zaping. All these qualities are due to the new Loewe OS 6.4 operating system, which offers excellent application compatibility, optimized Loewe DR + Streaming technology , and very easy-to-use programming and recording functions. The Bild s77 logically comes as standard with the Loewe DR + hard drive and that allows you to record content without depending on a USB memory, and then share it with other televisions on the same network, or even export it.


The Loewe Bild s77 is equipped with a home theater system that makes an appearance in what has been called the Loewe “magic moment”: the screen is lifted automatically when the television is turned on, exposing the powerful bar. accompanying sound. Equipped with ten forward-facing speakers, it is capable of delivering a total power of 120 watts .

Like all Loewe from the previous generation, this model offers the Mimi Defined system as standard . This sound setting dynamically adapts the output according to the listening conditions of the viewer. If it is one, it is possible to do a custom audiometry with a mobile phone and its dedicated application, and send it to the television. If it is a group, we can average the age to adjust based on generic curves (treble is lost over the years). The Mimi Defined is an acoustic correction that is as much needed, and appreciated, as glasses to appreciate that 4K screen in all its glory.


In addition to its discretion when it is disconnected (with the hidden bar) the Bild s77 is provided with a large number of connections, which are hidden behind its back thanks to the Loewe smart cover. This is presented in an exclusive graphite gray color, which guarantees a complete design of timeless elegance. Combined with the supplied wall bracket, or the optional motorized floor or table brackets , they offer the possibility of turning it from the remote control and adjusting it to the viewing angle that the user prefers at all times.

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