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Loewe Bild v.65 reaffirms the exclusivity of Loewe TV

Loewe Bild v.65 reaffirms the exclusivity of Loewe TV
Loewe Bild v.65 reaffirms the exclusivity of Loewe TV

The first glance already shows us that Loewe TV has not lost its hallmark. The model not only exudes elegance but also looks exclusive while undoubtedly signed by Loewe TV .

Frames so thin that they can hardly be drawn, a sound bar integrated under the panel with a beautiful trapezoidal shape and an ultra-polished black back with a porthole to hide the connectors and keep it aesthetic are the points that stand out the most. With its VESA 300 x 300 mm compatibility you can hang this panel of 860 x 1475 x 68 mm and 39.8 kilograms .

On the other hand, it has a basalt gray table stand . This consists of a very thin rectangular base with round corners and a trunk in the shape of a circular prism, in the style of computer monitors . It stands out that it has a manual rotation capacity of 20º , which helps us to see what we want with the best possible ergonomics.

Note that it includes a power switch to reduce consumption to zero if we wish when the TV is not on, as computers have.

Finally, you should know that, if you wish, you can place your Loewe v.65 on the ground thanks to its compatibility with a support for it. It has a circular base and, as before, a circular prism trunk.

The model is compatible with a floor stand

Tuning and connectivity

Loewe v65 has multi-standard analog dual tuner, full digital, DVB radio, HbbTV, CI+ 1.4 ECP and IR .

The physical connectors that we can distinguish are RCA analog audio output, quadruple HDMI in 2.0a, Toslink digital audio output, triple USB , being two in 2.0 and one in 3.0, RJ 45, CI slot, S/PDIF, RS232, output IR and satellite and 3.5 mm headphone jack

Model support includes HDCO 2.2, ARC, eARC, CEC, UHD content, and digital audio connection. In addition, we find appropriate home automation control interfaces, both IP and RS232, as we have already said.

Let’s not forget, before moving on to the next point, that it also has wireless connectivity options such as Bluetooth and WiFI .

Image quality and general functions

Loewe includes in this model a WRGB OLED panel from LG Display. This has 10 bits of color depth and 30 bits of matrix, being an Ultra HD with 800 cd/m2 of brightness and automatic dimming of the luminosity. Even with this figure, the panel only reproduces colors without distortion at angles more closed than usual, 120º. This is supplemented a little with the possibility of mobilization that the base brings.

In terms of movement and fluidity, the model has a native 100 Hz expandable to 120 Hz depending on input , achieving a response time (minimum) of 1 ms. This also helps make its HDR support, which comes in HLG, Dolby Vision and HDR 10 , perfect for moving high-quality scenes.

In addition, we find technologies such as:

  • Ultra HD Super Resolution scaling : Loewe incorporates an algorithm calculated by themselves that is used to scale the content that is reproduced. Thus, pixels are interposed with which it is possible to create more detail, always seeking to reach the maximum native resolution of the television, which is 3840 x 2160 pixels.
  • Image+ Active : It is an exceptional image processor, listed as one of the best when it was officially released.
  • 24p cinematic reproduction : The model has a 24 fps cinematic reproduction system.

Regarding the image, Loewe TV is committed to realism and naturalness


Pay attention to the stereo sound system with six bass reflex box speakers that offers a total of 80 W of power . This is arranged in a sound bar under the panel and its audio output can be fixed or variable and via subwoofer .

The audio is analyzed in real time by AI to adapt to the hearing profile . You will be able to play Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus content but not Atmos.

Other features related to sound are music playback via bluetooth, noise reduction, independent treble and bass control as well as automatic volume control .

Software analysis/SmartTV

This is what Loewe OS looks like today

Loewe OS  allows you to place your favorite apps on your main screen so that interacting with it is comfortable and simple. It has a firmware update system both by WiFi and via USB by registering on the brand’s website. With it, you ensure that you always enjoy the best version of the television, which in itself is very complete in terms of operating system and related functionalities.

Be careful because you are not going to see this on another television. Its memory consists of a 1 TB internal hard drive . Knowing that it offers you recording of two programs while watching a third one , this ROM already fits, right? In addition to this, you have a Loewe mobile app with which you can watch the recorded programs on your smartphone or tablet .

We highlight Loewe MediaNet as a special and unique point . This is a kind of own network space. It offers you to browse, watch videos, listen to the radio and, in general, consume Internet content.

The Opera browser is integrated so that, in addition to everything you can do within the different available applications, you can browse online in any other space.

DR+ , a system to send the signal to another television . It uses its ability to record to act as a server that stores the contents that you can then transmit via WiFI or LAN . This is completed with Follow-me, which pauses the content of one TV and allows you to continue it on the other . That live break can also be done, of course, to take a break and continue on the same TV.

Other functions are PiP and split screen , with which you can view more than one content at the same time, something that can be interesting, for example, to keep an eye on how the game is going while you watch the premiere episode of your favorite series .

Moving on to more traditional features , we find teletext, different languages ​​for displaying menus, content related help, a quick start mode, instant zapping system, Hotel mode, timer, child lock, auto power off

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