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New gaming platforms now available on Samsung TVs

New gaming platforms on Samsung TV
New gaming platforms on Samsung TV

Nobody doubts, to this day, that the television has ceased to be what it was, but by far. So much so that now the sector is combined with that of video games to the point of wanting, and being able to, play on TV, often without limitations. And for this to continue to be the case, Samsung has opted to introduce two new gaming platforms on TV . Let’s see them!

What are the new gaming platforms on TV and how do we access them?

If you have a Samsung TV, you will be fed up with watching Samsung TV Plus, but you may not know that you also have, since 2022, Samsung Gaming Hub , its app designed to play in streaming.

From this you have access to streaming video game subscriptions , offering compatibility, to date, with Utomik and the classic and well-known NVidia GeForce NOW and Xbox Game Pass.

Anststream and Blacknut will now be added to these . At the moment it is something quite particular, since it will only take place in eight countries.

Samsung user with access to the new platforms for TV and monitor

Antstream Arcade has 1,400 retro classics; to show the Double Dragon or the irreplaceable Pac-Man. In addition, it also includes 500 mini-challenges that will make you want to continue enjoying it continuously.

Its current price, with a discount, is only 12 euros a year ; The truth is, I can’t think of a better way to help professionals who dedicate their time to undertake this way, because the figure seems derisory to me in exchange for what they offer.

Blacknut also has a number of titles in the cloud but these are not classified , you will find all genres and all times here. From a Tour de France to the fun Overcooked are here.

Your subscription, which is monthly, allows you access to up to five people simultaneously . And best of all, for Samsung users they now give a 15-day free trial (until August 30).

Where to play from? Samsung has indicated that all of its smart TVs released after 2021 will be supported from the Hub. For those who do not have such support, access will be provided through the platform’s applications in the app store. Likewise, you can also enjoy these platforms if you have a smart monitor from the firm.

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