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New study shows OLED TVs provide comfortable, glare-free viewing

LG Display announced today that its OLED TV panels have been tested by UL, the world’s leading product inspection organization, and have received the industry’s first Discomfort Glare Free certification for their anti-glare properties.

This is an important parameter, LG says, as reflections from the screen can lead to eye strain due to their high brightness. This effect is akin to viewing a bright smartphone display in a dark room.

Meanwhile, the relevance of comfortable and safe viewing of TV has significantly increased recently, since in connection with the closure of cinemas and quarantine for many people, the home screen has become the main entertainment.

Independent testing was based on the Unified Glare Rating (UGR), recognized by the International Lighting Commission. An acceptable UGR value of 22 and lower is assumed when the radiation of the TV screen is in the range from 70 to 300 lux. The limits of this range are similar to dim light from a night lamp and bright light from a day window, respectively.

UL tests have shown that OLED screen viewing is enjoyable for most TV viewers around the world in all conditions. Owners of such TVs can enjoy high-quality images without discomfort for their eyes. At the same time, the high resolution of 8K or 4K, formed by self-emitting pixels, ensures the clarity and contrast of the picture even at the lowest brightness setting.

OLED panels have unique characteristics, which are currently confirmed by three independent studies at once: on the level of blue radiation, on the absence of flicker and on anti-glare properties, which together means safety for the eyes of users.

Based on UL testing, LG intends to use the Discomfort Glare Free label for OLED TVs in its worldwide marketing campaigns to raise awareness among potential buyers.

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