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Panasonic JZ2000 – New 8K OLED flagship TV

At CES 2021, Panasonic introduced the new flagship OLED-TVs in 2021 model year series Panasonic JZ2000 with a diagonal of 65 and 55 inches . Color settings from some of Hollywood’s finest colorists and superb color reproduction make Panasonic’s OLED TVs the best choice for watching movies and TV in high definition. In 2021, Panasonic introduces JZ2000 OLED TVs with low picture latency and HDMI 2.1 support with variable refresh rate ( VRR ) and high frame rate ( HFR ), which will delight avid gamers and moviegoers.

In addition to vertically directed speakers, the models also use additional side ones. This delivers great surround sound that is especially noticeable when watching movies, sports and games. A surround sound system with Panasonic’s enhanced OLED panel for higher peak and average brightness levels makes JZ2000 TVs powerful all-rounders.

CES 2021: Panasonic's flagship OLED TVs

HCX PRO AI processor and AUTO AI mode

Panasonic JZ2000 series TV adopts the latest HCX Pro AI processor , providing better automatic picture and sound adjustment. The HCX Pro AI processor monitors the type of content being played in real time, the artificial intelligence captures and compares the image on the screen with samples from the pre-installed content library every second and independently optimizes the picture and sound quality.

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For example, if Panasonic JZ2000 detects that the user is watching football, he adjusts the image to make the grass look greener and the player figures more realistic, and also makes the sound similar to the acoustics of a stadium. If the screen is a feature film, then the most accurate colors are selected for it, using the settings of the leading colorists of Hollywood.

Panasonic JZ2000

New possibilities for games

The powerful HCX Pro AI processor also dramatically reduces input lag when gaming — between pressing a button on your game controller and displaying that action on the screen. JZ2000 TVs have one of the lowest OLED TVs in the industry. The JZ2000 Game Mode Extreme includes:

• Low latency

• Supports HDMI 2.1 Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and High Frame Rate (HFR)

• Special “game mode”

• Supports HDMI Signal Power Link, allowing Panasonic TVs to be used with devices that do not support CEC, such as vintage set-top boxes or PCs

Game Mode Extreme provides smooth gameplay for both professional gamers and amateurs.

Improved soundtrack

The Panasonic JZ2000 series TVs deliver not only great picture but also sound quality. Compared to previous generation Panasonic OLED TVs with upward-facing speakers, the new JZ2000 series is equipped with additional side- firing speakers. This combination, known as 360 ° Soundscape Pro , allows for the reproduction and creation of a spatial soundstage with Dolby Atmos content . More Speakers Helps JZ2000 TVsconvey directional sounds better, completely immersing viewers in the audio reality of the video. Powerful and dynamic soundtrack is enhanced by impressive bass, creating a coherent soundscape. The audio system of the JZ2000 series TVs was developed with the support of engineers of the famous Panasonic audio brand – Technics (the system itself is referred to as “tuned by Technics” ).

Panasonic JZ2000

Customized OLED panel

Like the previous generation of Panasonic TVs , the JZ2000 series is equipped with Panasonic’s proprietary Master HDR OLED Professional Edition panel , which is brighter than other OLED displays on the market. The panel has been specially tuned by Panasonic engineers . Compared to standard OLED TVs, the Master HDR OLED Professional Edition panel provides higher peak and average brightness levels with increased dynamic range.

Customized by the masters of Hollywood, supports many formats

Panasonic’s  new JZ2000 OLED TVs combine the technical precision, know-how and engineering of Panasonic with the expertise of renowned colorist Stefan Sonnenfeld , founder and CEO of Company 3 , a studio collaborating with the world’s best filmmakers. Sonnenfeld is one of the few experts who has started talking about color as another tool for conveying emotion and storytelling. Nicknamed “Da Vinci Films” by NPR , Stefan has gained notoriety for his work on many famous and popular films of the past decade:A Star Is Born, Wonder Woman, Man of Steel, Beauty and the Beast, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Jurassic World and others. Like many other well-known colorists, he uses Panasonic OLED screens as widescreen reference TVs.

TVs Panasonic JZ2000 supports a wide range of formats, the HDR , including the Dolby the Vision the IQ , the Dolby the Vision , Filmmaker-Mode and HLG Photo , as well as the still image format. Mode Filmmaker Mode uses the original function of the Panasonic – the Intelligent Sensing’s , which dynamically adjusts the image according to the ambient light.

Dolby Vision IQ extends the benefits of Dolby Vision by intelligently optimizing picture quality – regardless of ambient lighting or content. TV JZ2000 also support HDR10 the Adaptive + , dynamically adapting content to the HDR-room-light to display images in full compliance with the plan of the director and operator, without losing detail and contrast.

Panasonic JZ2000

New Features of My Home Screen 6.0

TVs Panasonic series JZ2000 support the latest version of the OS from the intellectual Panasonic – the My Home Screen 6.0 with a number of enhanced features:

• The My Scenery feature allows viewers to choose images and videos for relaxation or set their own to suit any mood or time of day (ideal for yoga, mental practices or just getting ready for bed). In addition to the LUMIX CLUB Photo Collections that highlight the beauty of Japan, users also have access to gorgeous videos created by Panasonic in collaboration with LoungeV Studio ( .

•   Dual Bluetooth Connection allows audio to be transmitted simultaneously to two separate Bluetooth devices (for example, two people can simultaneously listen to a movie late at night through Bluetooth headphones without disturbing others).

• Improved menu interface provides quick access to the most frequently used images, sounds and settings.

• Panasonic JZ2000 series TVs also support basic built-in voice services for controlling key TV functions.

Source – Panasonic .

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