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Panasonic OLED LZ2000: The best TV of 2022?

Panasonic OLED LZ2000
Panasonic OLED LZ2000

It has already been announced as the “flagship of 2022” and it is no wonder. The Panasonic OLED LZ2000, which will be Panasonic’s best TV, has premium features and has improved every aspect possible to take advantage, thus far, of the competition. Find out!

What has the best Panasonic TV?

Well many things. But as soon we will have a complete review from the hand of a colleague, I am going to stick to the basics.

Enhanced Auto AI Mode is incorporated, which, using an added sensor, adjusts images one by one as the color temperature of the ambient light is detected. What is done, in conjunction with the HCX Pro AI processor, is to adjust the tones individually. This mode also detects what type of image we are facing and optimizes it accordingly.

Panasonic designed Master OLED Pro, a setting that brings more brightness through better image processing. This is more accurate and the HDR is more impressive. As you can imagine, the support for HDR is unbeatable.

It has the 360º Soundscape system and now also directional sound with a revision of its front speakers. This allows each scene to sound convenient depending on where the action is coming from. Thus, the compatibility with Atmos is 10. Its speakers are focused in different directions.

Panasonic bets on big improvements

Panasonic bets on big improvements

In addition, as has been done in the sector for some time now, the company has opted for the gamer universe. Thus, it includes some improvements in its super TV so that users can easily play whatever they want. Latency is reduced and the compatibility with HDMI 2.1 means that we do not lose quality of the connected device. Also included is Game Control Board, which automatically detects NVIDIA graphics, enhances dark areas, offers game information, maps HDR and has Display Mode.

Of course, they improve their operating system again, already going for the My Home Screen 7.0 version. Generally speaking, it is more accessible and now includes the myScenery function. The latter allows you to create a relaxing scene with videos, sounds and images.

Panasonic OLED LZ2000

Panasonic OLED LZ2000

Very soon you will have all the details in our review of the Panasonic OLED LZ2000.

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