Philips OLED806 – OLED TV that can recognize movies

Philips P5

TPV Technology Group engineers have developed the fifth generation of the smart P5 processor, designed for TVs under the Philips brand. The main feature of the new chip is an artificial intelligence system that is capable of recognizing movies, automatically adapting the image settings.

The first TV powered by the 5th generation Philips P5 processor was the OLED 806. It has a 55-inch OLED display and is housed in an incredibly slim body with a metal outer frame and stylish legs that give the TV the impression of floating in the air. Anti-burn-in technology will protect the screen from burn-in by reducing brightness in areas where the image remains static for a long time. And discreetly built-in 4-sided Ambilight ensures maximum immersion in viewing, changing color and brightness according to the image on the screen.

The TV also has an HDMI 2.1 port and a 2.1 format audio system with a unique subwoofer with three rings and supporting passive speakers in the amount of four pieces.

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The AI ​​system built into the Philips P5 works in conjunction with light sensors to deliver consistently high image quality no matter what the environment. Users will be offered several viewing modes to choose from, including home theater mode, cinema mode and director mode, when you can choose the picture settings yourself.

Also, the fifth generation of the proprietary TV processor supports all existing HDR formats, including HLG, HDR10, HDR10 +, as well as HDR10 + Adaptive to automatically adjust the brightness of each scene depending on the ambient lighting.

The new Philips TV is running the latest Android 10 TV OS with built-in Google Assistant voice assistant with a dedicated button on the remote control. By the way, as for the remote control, it is clad in a metal case, covered with leather from the Scottish supplier Muirhead and has soft illuminated buttons.

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In addition to Philips OLED 806, the fifth generation P5 processor will also receive the Philips 8506 Performance Series TV, which will appear on the market in August.

It will be available in 50-, 58-, 65- and 70-inch versions and will feature a slim body with a narrow bezel in bright polished aluminum and dimmable LED backlighting. It also mentions the presence of an e-Arc port with HDMI 2.1 standard and a high-quality 20W audio system with surround sound technology. Everything will be controlled by the TV version of Android 10 with a built-in Google Assistant that recognizes voice commands when you press a special button on the remote.

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