Q60B is Samsung’s most affordable QLED TV in 2022

Samsung Q60B is the most affordable QLED TV from Samsung in 2022
Samsung Q60B is the most affordable QLED TV from Samsung in 2022

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With the advent of the new Neo  QLED  premium family , conventional  QLED  TVs have lost priority in  Samsung ‘s marketing policy . Presentations at such events as  CES are no longer dedicated to them , and the appearance of new products from this family passes quietly and imperceptibly.

Meanwhile, their popularity remains high. So, if in 2019 Samsung sold 5.3 million QLED TVs, then in 2020 this figure rose to 7.8 million, and in 2021 to 9.4 million units.

Left – Samsung Q60A, Right – Samsung Q60B

Recall that the 2021 Samsung QLED lineup consists of three models:  Q80A ,  Q70A  and  Q60A (with some variations, for example, Q77A or Q67A). Most likely, this year they will be replaced by the corresponding novelties with the letter B in the marking. So, in some countries, sales of the  Q80B  and  Q60B models have already begun . We will consider the latter in this article.

So,  Q60B  is the cheapest model in the  QLED 2022 line , which replaced  Q60A . Accordingly, it has simpler characteristics in comparison with older brothers. So,  Q60B  is equipped with a screen with a standard refresh rate of 60 Hz , side-type backlight without local dimming, a simplified  Quantum 4K Lite processor  and a basic 20W audio system. Instead of HDMI 2.1 , the TV uses the  HDMI 2.0 standard with  eARC  and  ALLM functions , but  VRR support , which is important for video game lovers, is missing.

Nevertheless,  the Samsung Q60B also  has a number of advantages, the manufacturer claims. First of all, this is the use of quantum dot technology, which allows the screen to transmit a wide color gamut with 100% coverage of the  DCI-P3 standard. Further, Samsung promises improved contrast and image detail with  Quantum HDR and Dual LED technologies , and  motion Xcelerator ensures smooth transfer of dynamic scenes.

The video processor of the TV is responsible for a clear 4K picture even if the incoming signal is of a lower format. The Q60B  also features a new premium  HDR10+Adaptive feature not available on previous models. It allows you to automatically adjust image settings based on the level of ambient light detected by the built-in light sensor.

In terms of audio, the Q60B’s OTS Lite technology will give it a realistic spatial effect, and when paired with a compatible  Samsung  soundbar, both devices achieve synergy through  Q-Symphony technology . 

The Samsung Q60B  uses  the acclaimed Tizen  as its operating system,  with a redesigned homepage to make it easier to find the content you’re looking for. Of the smart features, it is worth noting the MultiView function  , which allows you to split the screen to view different content at the same time, the presence of a voice assistant, support for the SmartThings ecosystem , which turns the TV into a central hub for controlling other compatible devices in your home, the  Smart Calibration function for self-calibration of the screen without recourse to third parties specialists.

The Q60B  can also be a great remote work tool with  Google Duo  for video conferencing (requires purchasing a  Samsung  SlimFit camera to use it ) and  Workspace  for accessing your computer files remotely. Wireless connections to the TV are provided by  Wi-Fi  and  Bluetooth technologies .

For gamers,  Samsung  promises low input latency for quick response to game events, a  Game Bar  for quick access to game settings, and extended 21:9 and 32:9 formats for a better view of video game locations. And their entertainment will be improved by supporting  HGiG technology .

The Q60B  has a minimalist design with discreet stands, narrow bezels and a sleek, ultra-slim body. The new eco-friendly TV remote is solar-powered and has a built-in microphone for voice control.

The packaging is also made with care for the environment, which can be turned into a useful thing with the help of pre-prepared markings.

Q60B variation with B-pillar

Q60B  will be offered in 6 diagonal versions – 109 cm, 127 cm, 140 cm, 165 cm, 190 cm and 216 cm. This model may have variations with a different stand design or a different body color, for example  Q67B .