Samsung Enables DIY Repair for TVs and Monitors

Samsung allows self-repair of TVs and monitors
Samsung allows self-repair of TVs and monitors

Samsung has broadened its self-repair initiative to encompass a wider range of products, including TVs, soundbars, monitors, and projectors. This expansion now accommodates 2023 models of Samsung TVs and their remote controls, monitors launched in the last year, the second-generation Freestyle projector, and certain soundbars. Customers have the option to buy spare parts directly from Samsung and its affiliated partners, facilitating easier maintenance and repairs for these devices.

Image Source: Samsung

Image source: Samsung

In December, Samsung extended its self-repair program to cover its foldable smartphones, including the Galaxy Z Flip5 and Z Fold5. Following this, in the first half of 2023, Samsung further expanded the program to include the Galaxy S22 smartphones and Galaxy Book laptops, adding to the roster of other Galaxy series products eligible for self-repair.

Moreover, Samsung has increased the variety of spare parts available for the self-repair of devices already within the scope of the program. The updated list now features components such as speakers, SIM card trays, side and volume buttons, display assemblies, rear glass, and charging ports for phones and tablets. Additionally, owners of Galaxy Book laptops have been given the capability to self-repair speakers and fans, enhancing the program’s flexibility and support for users looking to maintain their devices.


Samsung has stated that for the majority of repairs on TVs and monitors, users will require only basic tools, such as a Phillips screwdriver. This simplifies the process for users to replace components related to picture quality, power, Wi-Fi, and audio across various display models by themselves. Additionally, Samsung is providing users with access to repair manuals and parts for a selection of the company’s 2023 soundbars, further supporting the DIY repair initiative.

Samsung’s partner, Encompass Supply Chain Solutions, currently offers parts for the 2023 line of displays, soundbars, TVs, and the second-generation Freestyle projector. The available inventory encompasses three models of The Frame TV, four M Series smart monitors, two curved monitors, and the ViewFinity S9. For Galaxy devices, the parts inventory includes smartphones starting with the S20 model up to the S23 FE, Galaxy Tabs S7 Plus and S9, as well as the Galaxy Book and Book 2 in both 15-inch standard and 13 and 15-inch 360° versions. Additionally, Samsung has entered into a multi-year partnership agreement with iFixit to support its self-repair program.

Overall, the self-repair program now supports over 50 devices, with a recent expansion including 14 new items, making it easier for users to maintain and repair their Samsung products efficiently and sustainably.