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Samsung expands: Now you can have Tizen on other TVs

Samsung expands: now you can have Tizen on other TVs

To date, the operating system of Samsung televisions was exclusive to them. It had an approach with Android TV, which broke, causing the firm’s televisions, such as LG’s, to have a single OS. And also as this last brand has done, Samsung now offers the opportunity to have Tizen on other televisions. If you like this OS (I’ll write a specific post about it soon), keep reading because the possibilities to buy your next TV are expanding.

What do we know about having Tizen on other TVs?

Be careful because we are not talking about two or three more brands with the option of including this operating system in some of their television models.

This is the Tizen logo that any licensed brand can use

Samsung does it big by offering the opportunity to license any brand to use TizenOS. Thus, it takes a much greater step compared to what LG did a little while ago by offering webOS to a few brands and declares itself as direct competition to Android TV (which has now become Google TV).

They were already compared before due to the superiority of Tizen over webOS in many respects, being above and just below Android TV for details such as the obligatory nature of buying a Samsung TV. However, this handicap now disappears, considerably increasing the competition with respect to what Google offers us.

The firm sells this decision as an opportunity for television brands, which will be able to take advantage of Tizen’s good name both when promoting their televisions and at industry events, where Tizen TV will be a concept that all of them could use as a claim.

In addition to this, more information was released at the Samsung developer conference. Some points discovered are that it will improve the integration when making calls or managing the HDR.

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