Samsung is actively working on a hybrid TV of the next generation

Samsung QN85A Review
The latest news leaked into the network testifies to the intensification of work on this project. It is reported that Samsung is currently at the stage of testing QD-OLED prototypes, and by the end of this year it intends to start mass production. Samples of new products were also sent to Japanese and Chinese manufacturers to study the possibility of releasing TVs based on them under their own brands.img 606ddc555dc80Samsung QN900A Neo QLED 8K

If these plans come true, then QD-OLED screens could hit the market in early 2022. From a marketing standpoint, the Samsung team will have a tough job of positioning them as they have been promoting, and quite successfully, the premium line of QLED TVs over the years, which have acquired the Neo box this year and have acquired the promising MiniLED backlight.

Another promising technology for Samsung is MicroLED, which is already in mass production. However, these TVs belong to the elite category due to their high cost and are presented only in large sizes, starting at 193 cm diagonally.

Most likely, as is often the case with technological innovations, QD-OLED will initially be positioned in the upper premium segment above QLED. However, in the case of a positive market reaction and with an increase in production, they can quickly move to a more massive category, because they will have a difficult competition with the rapidly gaining popularity of LG OLED models. It is pertinent to recall here how quickly Samsung filled the market with 8K TVs, making the initially expensive products relatively affordable.

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