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Samsung launches first Crystal UHD TV in 2022

The Crystal UHD marketing name was launched by  Samsung  in 2020 and is used to refer to budget 4K  TVs based on traditional  LCD technology . This line of TVs is designed to provide consumers with a quality picture at an affordable price and without unnecessary features.

Samsung AU8000 2021

In 2021, it consisted of three models:  AU9000 ,  AU8000  , and  AU7000  , with various variations denoting minor differences in design and function. For example, a comparison of the characteristics of  AU9000  and  AU9070  shows that they differ only in front panel color (black, titanium gray) and  Bluetooth  version (4.2, 5.2).

The entire  Crystal UHD line -up for 2022 has yet to be announced, but the  BU8000 * was announced yesterday. Based on the strict continuity between last and this year, which we see in the premium  Neo QLED and  QLED lines , we dare to assume that  BU9000  and  BU7000 brothers will soon complement it .

* Note: Model number may vary for different markets, eg BU8005, BU8075, BU079.

But back to  BU8000 . The TV is equipped with a  60Hz refresh rate screen with side backlight, uses  Contrast Enhancer to add depth to the image and  MotionXcelerator  to enhance the clarity of dynamic scenes, supports  HDR10 ,  HDR10 + and  HLG formats . The Crystal 4K processor is used for image and sound processing  .

The BU8000  audio  system consists of two speakers with a total output of 20W . In terms of sound, the TV supports  Adaptive  Sound  to optimize it based on content and ambient noise,  OTS Lite for a three-dimensional sound, and  Q-Symphony to sync with a compatible  Samsung soundbar .

In terms of smart features, the  BU8000  offers  SmartThings  for networking other devices in your home,  Google Duo for video conferencing ( requires a compatible camera like  the Samsung SlimFit to work ),  Samsung Workspace  for accessing your computer files remotely,  TapView  for duplicating content from a smartphone to a TV screen, as well as voice control using  Bixby ,  Alexa ,  Google Assistant programs . The BU8000 runs  on  the  Tizen  platform version 6.5 with an updated interface.

For convenient voice control, the TV remote has a built-in microphone. By the way, now it runs on solar energy and does not require conventional batteries.

Gamers in the  BU8000 are  waiting for a low input signal delay and the  ALLM function , which automatically puts the TV into game mode when a compatible console is connected, as well as support for the  HDR  format for video games –  HGiG .

Wired connections include  USB 2.0 ,  HDMI 2.0  with  eARC  and  Ethernet , among others . The wireless capabilities  of the BU8000  are provided by  Bluetooth 5.2  and  Wi-Fi 5 modules .

Externally, the novelty has a minimalist design with a thin body, a small frame around the screen and a flat back panel. TV stands are adjustable in height in case of placing a soundbar in front of it.

By the way, the BU8000  already has a variation under the  BU8500 brand , which differs only in the design of the stand.

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