Samsung Neo QLED 8K QN900D is a new 2024 AI TV with breakthrough technologies

Samsung QN900D
Samsung QN900D

Samsung’s latest AI TV aims to enhance the viewing experience and seamlessly integrate advanced technology into our lives. It features the most powerful 3rd generation 8K NQ8 processor available today , as well as a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) that is twice as fast as the previous generation model. The number of neural networks has increased 8 times – from 64 to 512, which allows the AI ​​TV to analyze and optimize content in real time. Delivering superior picture and sound quality, the new model enhances the viewing experience and puts viewers in the middle of the action.

Immersive viewing is made possible by 8K AI Upscaling Pro and AI Motion Enhancer Pro . Working together, they deliver exceptional image clarity by sharpening low-resolution content and minimizing distortion and blur.


AI Motion Enhancer Pro uses deep learning techniques to reproduce the smooth movements of a soccer ball during a match. Realistic sound is equally important. Thanks to artificial intelligence, dialogue sounds extremely clear even in noisy environments. Active Voice Amplifier Pro technology distinguishes between voices and background noise, cutting out all that is unnecessary so that viewers can clearly hear the content of the conversation.

When watching a film using Object Tracking Sound (OTS) Pro technology, viewers become participants in the events – the created presence effect allows you to feel in the character’s place and hear everything that is happening around. Amazingly realistic sound is achieved using artificial intelligence, which analyzes what is happening on the screen and changes the direction of sound behind moving objects, using the full power of the TV’s 6.2.4-channel audio system of 90 W.

AI Optimization allows viewers to relax and enjoy watching. This feature automatically adjusts your TV settings. Gamers also won’t have to worry about adjusting the picture or sound thanks to AI automatically selecting game settings. Artificial intelligence recognizes game titles and genres and automatically optimizes settings for a better experience.

AI Energy Mode saves energy using sensors that analyze ambient light and automatically adjust the brightness of the TV screen. The TV’s processor detects movement on the screen and automatically adjusts the brightness settings. This feature is a step towards increasing environmental friendliness.

Meanwhile, Samsung’s Tizen OS turns the AI ​​TV into more than just an entertainment center. The operating system customizes content according to users’ preferences while maintaining their privacy using Samsung’s Knox platform .