Samsung QD-OLED TV: Next generation TVs to launch in 2022

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A source close to the company reports that Samsung’s next-generation QD-OLED TV will hit the market in 2022. Recall that we are talking about a hybrid that combines an OLED panel and a quantum dot (QD) filter in one screen. As a result, the novelty should incorporate the advantages of both technologies and appear in the form of an ultra-thin TV with high brightness and ideal black uniformity, surpassing all existing serial counterparts in image quality.

Moreover, QD-OLED has the potential to seriously squeeze out competitors, including OLED, and in all other display markets.

Samsung executives examine QD-OLED prototypes

So, according to the latest insider reports leaked to the Korean media, Samsung’s new 140cm and 165cm TV will hit the market in the first half of 2022, and the 177cm diagonal in the second half. A scenario is highly likely in which the Koreans will bring QD-OLED samples to the next January CES in Las Vegas.

As for the price of the new item, it is expected that it will be lower than competitors with OLED screens, as it was stated that another advantage of the QD-OLED technology is a lower cost price.